Daily Program Update: Today at NSLC

August 06, 2016 | 12:01 am

It’s our last departure day! Many thanks to all students and staff for an incredible summer. We’ll see you again in 2017!

You can stay up to date with our progress throughout the summer here, on Twitter and Instagram @NSLCatDC, and on our Flickr photostream here.

Video Blogs: NSLC 2016

August 06, 2016 | 10:50 pm

That’s a wrap on NSLC at American University for this summer! We’ve certainly had an amazing time. Watch as students across all sessions and programs tell us why they loved NSLC!

Forensic Science: VIDEO | DEA Museum

August 05, 2016 | 9:20 pm

Watch as FSCI students describe what they learned from their visit to the DEA Museum!

Psychology & Neuroscience: VIDEO | National Institutes of Health

August 05, 2016 | 6:30 pm

Watch as PSYC students describe their experiences while visiting the NIH!

Forensic Science: DEA Museum

August 05, 2016 | 6:29 pm

Today FSCI students visited the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum, where they had the amazing opportunity to hear from Special Agent Ron Woods!




Medicine & Health Care: VIDEO | UMD School of Medicine

August 05, 2016 | 12:29 pm

Watch as PSYC and HEAL students talk about their visit to the University of Maryland School of Medicine!

Psychology & Neuroscience: The Senses

August 04, 2016 | 7:03 pm

PSYC students put their senses to the test during today’s neuroscience lab!




Medicine & Health Care: SiTel

August 04, 2016 | 7:01 pm

HEAL students had the opportunity to visit SiTel today, a medical training facility.




Forensic Science: Anthropology & Pathology

August 04, 2016 | 6:59 pm

FSCI students learned about anthropology and pathology during their forensic skills workshop today!




Medicine & Health Care: University of Maryland School of Medicine

August 03, 2016 | 11:11 pm

HEAL students visited the UMD School of Medicine, where they learned all about med school, and basic skills that can be used in the medical field!