Film Workshops

COMM students are gaining a lot of experience in filming, editing, and practicing how to take shots on the camera! By working in […]

Myoelectric Arm

BIOT students gained hands-on (arms-on?) experience building and powering a Myoelectric arm, using electric power from their own arms! They wrote the code […]

Geriatrics and Mobility Simulation

NURS students had a geriatrics and mobility simulation session today, where they learned about how patients can feel when using crutches or other […]

Guest speaker: Diana Ahmed

FSCI students met Diana Ahmed, who is a Digital Forensics Expert with the Baltimore Police Department. She talked to the students about her […]

Clinical Diagnostics

MINT students work together in groups to simulate a doctor appointment setting, using the medical knowledge they have learned and teamwork among each […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicole Lang

MINT and HEAL students had the opportunity to meet Dr. Nicole Lang, a board-certified pediatrician with over 26 years of experience in pediatrics […]

Guest Speaker: Jordan Rodriguez

CYBR students met Ms. Jordan Rodriguez, Cyber Operations Officer for the United States Air Force. She answered students questions and provided valuable advice […]

Surgical Rounds – Pig Feet Suturing

HEAL students gained hands on experience in suturing by practicing on a pigs foot and learning about the different techniques that can be […]

PSYC Lab: Dissection

Today, PSYC students gained hands-on experience in this field by dissecting a sheep’s brain, a cows spinal cord, and cow eyes. They left […]


FSCI students started their day off with a leadership session. They were also able to virtually meet guest speaker Olivia Feild, a Graduate […]