Bridging Worlds, An Architectural Design Challenge

Four teams of Architecture students competed against the clock to build a sturdy bridge in less than an hour, with only popsicle sticks […]

National Security Council Simulation

Today, the Intelligence & National Security program met for the second time in their National Security Council groups. In this simulation, the students […]

ABC’s in Dermatology with Dr. Jason Stein

Today, the Medicine & Health Care Program students heard a in-depth lecture from Dr. Jason Stein on the topic of dermatology. They learned […]

Surgical Rounds Part Two: Suturing

Today, the Medicine & Healthcare students furthered their surgical skills during a suturing activity! They practiced suturing under the guidance of Dr. Jason […]

Guest Speaker: General Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps

The Intelligence & National Security program was honored to be visited by General David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps. The esteemed […]

Neuroscience Lab

During today’s neuroscience lab, PSYC students gained hands-on experience in this field by dissecting a cow’s eye and spinal cord, as well as […]

Guest Speaker: Rear Admiral Curt Copley

This afternoon, the Intelligence & National Security program heard from Rear Admiral Curt Copley, who is the Commander of the Office of Naval […]

Architecture Tour of D.C.

Today, the Architecture students participated in a walking tour around Washington guided by D.C. Design Tours, visiting sites and learning about the history […]

Clinical Diagnostics

PSYCH students are brainstorming in their small groups to come to a diagnosis for their patients. Over the week, students have been participating […]

FIELD TRIP: Drug Enforcement Administration

FSCI students took a field trip to the DEA, where they were introduced to the different departments in the organization and how they […]