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Psychology & Neuroscience: What I discovered?

The students in the Psychology & Neuroscience program attended their last leadership session with facilitator Brandon Love. This session is titled “What I […]

Neuroscience Lab

In the Psychology program  the students were provided with a unique opportunity to delve into the anatomy of the nervous system through dissections. […]

PSYC Clinical Diagnostic Simulation

The students in Psychology started their clinical diagnostic simulations. They were split into groups and had to see patients (TAs) in different rooms […]


The students in the Psychology program engaged in fascinating and hands-on learning experiences through the dissection of various anatomical structures. One group of […]

Social Night

The students from the Nursing, Medicine & Health Care, and Psychology programs had a chance to step away from learning to join a […]

Guest Speaker: Toby Long & Christie Palazzolo

Students in Psychology & Neuroscience were lectured by FBI profilers Toby Long & Christie Palazzolo. Their job is of the behavioral analysis & […]

What I Discovered : Brandon Love

The students in Psychology & Neuroscience students had their “What I Discovered” session with Leadership Facilitator Brandon Love, the final leadership session as […]

Talent Show Night!

Students from Heal, Nursing, and Psychology all had fun at their talent shows last night. It was a thrill to see the various […]

Guest Speakers: Toby Long & Christie Palazzolo

Guest speakers Toby Long & Christie Palazzolo were both present to the students in the Mint, Nursing, and Heal programs. Their job is […]

Psychology Studies

The students did their breakouts to student different types of psychology from Abnormal(frontal), research(temporal), cognitive(occipital), and development(parietal) with specific brain regions. Each lesson […]