Year: 2015

One Word

The last few programs are departing today, and that means that our summer here at American University has officially come to an end. A […]

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session 3 FSCI students reflect on their time here at NSLC!

Final Presentations

FSCI students presented their cases regarding the crime scenes they investigated earlier this week.

Guest Speaker Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy

HEAL and PSYC students listen to Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy U.S. Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services.    

Guest Speaker | Dr. Jan Gorniak

FSCI students had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Jan Gorniak, Deputy Cheif Medical Examiner of Washington, D.C.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Collins, Director of the NIH

The NSLCHEAL and NSLCPSYC students listen to the Director of the National Institute of Health, Dr. Collins.

Clinical Diagnostics: The Diagnosis

The NSLCHEAL students give their patients their diagnosis.

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session 3 PSYC students look back on their time here at NSLC!

Forensic Skills | Forensic Pathology

FSCI students extract their DNA during the Forensic Pathology workshop.

SiTel Visit

The NSLCHEAL students visit The Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL).