Year: 2015

Washington at Night

The NSLCHEAL students explore Washington D.C. at Night   

Commitment in Action

INTL students made a commitment to bettering themselves as leaders during the Commitment in Action leadership session.

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as session two MAST students reflect on their time here at NSLC!

Crime Scene Simulation

FSCI students were hard at work investigating crime scenes today!

Clinical Diagnostics

The NSLCHEAL students meet their patients and begin to try to diagnose them.


The NSLCLAWA students have their day in court!    

Trivia Night

INTL students tested their knowledge during trivia night, which ended with a lip sync battle!

Forensic Skills | Fingerprinting

FSCI students learned all about fingerprints.

Neuroscience Labs | Brain Dissection

PSYC students get up close and personal with some sheep brains!

Security Councils

INTL students participated in security councils tonight!