Category: Engineering

Pitch Presentation

Throughout the week, ENGN students teamed up to brainstorm and create different engineering inventions that would support certain issues. Today, they were able […]

Wind Turbine!

ENGN students worked in teams to create their own wind turbine! Using new skills learned in previous lectures and activities, students built their […]

Final RC Car Competition

Students were able to put their RC car projects to the test! In two different competitions, students tested the abilities and functionality of […]

Discussion Vs. Dialogue

During this Leadership Session, ENGN students learned how to become great communicators! Through an exercise called ‘Discussion vs. Dialogue’, students paired up and […]

Project Development

Today, ENGN students had time to worked on their projects, which will be presented at the end of the program. As they work […]


Today, ENGN students were able to hear from the Executive Officer of the National Academy of Engineering. Students learned about potential specialties within […]

Engineering Rounds

Today, ENGN students learned the basics of engineering with different hands-on activities in soldering, coding, sketching, and circuits. These new skills will come […]

Opening Ceremony

Starting off strong! Students were able to get a look into the next 9 days by meeting their peers and leaders. They participated […]

Product Pitch Presentations

The culmination of a week’s worth of work paid off tonight.  Students gathered to present their products before the whole engineering program.   […]


Zipping along the quad were zealous engineering students. The passion they wore proudly was in support of their RC Cars. Because they designed, […]