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Trebuchet & Catapult Building

Le trebuchet. Once a player in the theater of war, today the beast of burden served to facilitate communication, teamwork, and fun. Sextets […]

Georgetown, DC

In anticipation of a fun day, students had a fun evening exploring the Georgetown neighborhood.    See all photo highlights by selecting a […]

Wind Turbine Competition

Earlier, engineering students created turbines that generated energy – today, the winner was the environment. Since their turbines had to generate electricity, the […]

Engineering Rotations

This morning, engineering students learned the basics of coding and engineering drawings.    See all photo highlight by selecting a photo below.

Engineering Rotations

Engineering students maneuvered from soldering to engineering drawings this afternoon. The purpose of rotating activities was for a swift introduction to core engineering […]

Welcome Ceremony

The future leaders of the engineering field gathered for their welcome ceremony earlier tonight.    See all photo highlights by selecting a photo […]

Project Work Time

NSLC ENGN continue to finish up their final projects. Click on any of the photos below to view more.

Video | Myoelectric Arm

NSLC ENGN students worked together to control a toy arm with their own.


NSLC ENGN students competed in groups, building their own trebuchets. Click on any of the photos below to view more.

Engineering Rotations

NSLC ENGN students participated in Engineering Rotations consisting of public speaking, soldering, and coding. Click on any of the photos below to view […]