Category: Engineering Intensive

Bridges & Robots

What a time, what an experience, what an end. All things must pass, and this program is no exception. Engineering students finished their […]

Chemical Engineering

Things in life. Some conduct electricity. Some don’t. Earlier, engineering intensive students experimented to see what things could conduct and what things could […]

Material Science

Slime; sludge; goop; muck; glop; gunk. ¬†Whatever you want to call it, engineering intensive students made it. The purpose of today’s activity was […]

Civil Engineering Challenge

Tumbling towers. An image no one wants to see. That’s why engineering intensive students learned the basics of civil engineering. Students built popsicle […]

Civil Engineering Challenge

See video highlight.  

Engineering Challenge

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Does the same […]

Egg Drop Challenge

Teamwork. Communication. Eggs? Yes, eggs. Engineering intensive students learned the tenants of success in an egg challenge competition. Students had an hour to […]

Time is Money

Earlier, engineering intensive students learned about the value of time. The purpose of the activity was to give students a guide to proper […]

Project Development

  Earlier, engineering intensive students worked on their final projects.  Since they have a way to go before the projects are due, most […]

Freezing Point Depression Lab

Ice cream.  This nation’s favorite creamy delight, and by far one of the best surprises in any scenario.  Because everyone loves ice cream, […]