Things in life. Some conduct electricity. Some don’t. Earlier, engineering intensive students experimented to see what things could conduct and what things could not. Since some things conducted electricity better than others, the students tried to connect the things to see if there was a difference. The result was shocking.


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EINT2021_AU_S2_Chemical_Engineering- [Citarella] 01_7

EINT2021_AU_S2_Chemical_Engineering- [Citarella] 01_6 (4)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Chemical_Engineering- [Citarella] 01_0 (4)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Chemical_Engineering- [Citarella] 01_2 (4)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Chemical_Engineering- [Citarella] 01_2 (3)

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