Category: Cybersecurity


CYBR students took a field trip to the National Defense University in Washington DC! They participated in a national security simulation game and […]

Guest Speaker: Sandra Joyce

CYBR student heard from Sandra Joyce, Executive Vice President and Head of Mandiant Intelligence at Mandiant. She talked through her current position and […]

Guest Speaker: Jordan Rodriguez

CYBR students met Ms. Jordan Rodriguez, Cyber Operations Officer for the United States Air Force. She answered students questions and provided valuable advice […]

Social Engineering Workshop

Today, CYBR students learned about the aspects of social engineering and how hackers try to get confidential information by using phishing attacks through […]

Capture The Flag: Hack-a-thon

Tonight, CYBR students competed against one another in a hacking-style capture the flag tournament. ¬†Friends turned to foe, and enemies became allies as […]

Field Trip: Drug Enforcement Agency

CYBR students took a field trip to the DEA, where they have an introduction to the different departments in the organization and how […]

Cybersecurity Workshops!

Today CYBR students participated in workshops! ¬†The highly specialized workshops introduced students to areas of cybersecurity such as blockchain, key configuration, and cryptocurrency. […]

National Security Agency – Expert Panel

CYBR students attended a guest speaker panel that consisted of experts from the National Security Agency (NSA). They were able to get insight […]

Commitment In Action!

Today, CYBR students attended a leadership session where they demonstrated just how committed they are to their goals. By participating in ‘Commitment in […]

Kali Linux & Social Engineering

CYBR students spent the morning installing and learning about Kali Linux, which is a software designed for digital forensics and penetration testing; they […]