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Click anywhere to see more of students arguing their case in their supreme court simulation!


Click to see more of student researching, debating, and understanding ideas put forth by our Founding Fathers!

Video | Newsroom Simulation

The Film, Journalism, and Media Arts students put their new production skills to work in this 4-hour newsroom simulation. Learn more by watching […]

48 Second Film Festival

The Film, Journalism, and Media Arts students worked in their teams to create 48-second films! Check out more from the COMM program by […]

Video | Primary Debates

In a continuation of their race to the Presidency, the Political Action & Public Policy students debate amongst their parties to decide who […]

Video | Guest Speaker Andrew Harnik

The Film, Journalism, and Media Arts students were joined by Associated Press Photographer, Andrew Harnik, who answered the students’ questions and discussed his […]

Psychology Workshops

Watch as students explore the field of psychology with workshops designed to display concepts beyond book work!

Personality Matrix

The Film, Journalism, and Media Arts Students joined Dennard in exploring the personality matrix Click any of the photos below to see more […]

Visit to the Spy Museum

The Intelligence & National Security Students took a trip to the Spy Museum. Check out more pictures from the NSEC program by clicking […]


Click on any photo to see more of JNSLC students enjoying their time at NASA!