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Final Testimonies

FSCI students finally presented their testimonies today at NSLC court. After working in their teams to analyze all evidence from their crime scenes, […]

Final Presentations

Throughout the COMMS program, students have been working on specific projects either in graphic design, animation, documentary filmmaking, film production, or investigative journalism. […]

Breakthroughs in Nursing

Throughout the program, students have conducted lots of research and were able to put together a presentation addressing issues that currently affect the […]

Field Trips!

During the program, PSYC students have been able to go on multiple field trips such as to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, […]

Drug Enforcement Agency

FSCI students took a field trip to the DEA, where they have an introduction to the different departments in the organization and how […]

Guest Speaker: Sandra Joyce

CYBR student heard from Sandra Joyce, Executive Vice President and Head of Mandiant Intelligence at Mandiant. She talked through her current position and […]

Guest Speaker: David Boaz

POLI students heard from Mr. David Boaz, a Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute. Mt. Boaz explained his take on libertarianism and what […]


FSCI students are finally starting their crime scene simulations! Today, students worked in groups to solve a series of mysterious crimes using only […]

Medicine Intensive Recap!

From EMT training to patient diagnostics, MINT students gained practical skills in the field of medicine through their 18-day program! They heard from […]

Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students are brainstorming in their small groups to come to a diagnosis for their patients. Over the week, students have participated in […]