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Introduction to Rocketry

After visiting the Air and Space Museum on Wednesday, students in the Engineering track of JNSLC had the opportunity to put their knowledge […]

NSLC Journalism Awards Ceremony

  The Kerwin building was filled excitement as the journalism program gathered for their award ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments. The room was […]

Game Night Social!

Last night, the students were able to socialize after a day of settling in and getting to know their programs. The TA’s from […]

Recap Video | FSCI

Check out this Forensic Science recap video highlighting some of the amazing aspects of the students’ experience!  


Today, PSYC students had Psychology labs, focusing on addiction, and abnormal, forensic, social, and cognitive psychology. Through hands-on activities and small lab assignments, […]

Neuroscience Lab

During today’s neuroscience lab, PSYC students gained hands-on experience in this field by dissecting a cow’s eye and spinal cord, as well as […]

Architecture Tour of D.C.

Today, the Architecture students participated in a walking tour around Washington guided by D.C. Design Tours, visiting sites and learning about the history […]

Forensic Skill Lab

Students learned about examining fingerprints, ballistics, blood, anthropology, and digital forensics. They are able to learn about how all of these aspects can […]

Crime Scene

FSCI students are finally starting their crime scene simulations! Today, students worked in groups to solve a series of mysterious crimes using only […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Colin H. Kahl

Today, NSEC students heard from Dr. Colin H. Kahl, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy for the Department of Defense. He discussed the […]