Year: 2017

One Word

Across 7 weeks, we have seen 2,417 students, and we’ve challenged them to describe their NSLC experience in one word.

VIDEO | Session 4 Recap

Watch as the last session of PSYC students recount their time here at NSLC!

Departure Day

FSCI students finished up their session with final testimonies based on their Crime Scene Simulations!

VIDEO | Session 4 Recap

Watch as HEAL students recount their experiences here at NSLC!


HEAL students visited SiTel Medical Training Facility today, where they participated in many simulations including birth, laparoscopic surgery, and more!

Commitment in Action

PSYC students had a blast during the Commitment in Action leadership session!

VIDEO | Commitment in Action Leadership Session

Watch as the FSCI students look back at their leadership sessions from this week!

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students diagnosed their patients today during the last round of clinical diagnostics!

VIDEO | Workshop Rotations

Watch as PSYC students discuss what they learned during all the different psychology workshops!

Guest Speaker Mrs. Kia Kirkland Buchanan

Today, the FSCI students had the opportunity to hear from Mrs. Kia Kirkland Buchanan, a Pathologist’s Assistant at Johns Hopkins Hospital!