Year: 2019

Capitol Building Tour

The Political Action & Public Policy visited their future workplace today, learning the history of the Capitol Building and how it came to […]

Session 4 Orientation

Click through the photos to see students in being welcomed into their NSLC families!

TA Group Threat Challenge

The Intelligence & National Security Student pit their TA’s against each other in the TA Group Threat Challenge. Click any of the photos […]

VIDEO | Full Senate Meeting

The Political Action & Public Policy have been writing and passing bills through their Senate Simulation. Click on the video below to learn […]


Click on any of the photos to see more of the field trips taken by students over the week! JARTS went to the […]

VIDEO | Communication and Leadership

Dennard Mitchell walks students through different important components of communicating with others!

Washington at Night

The NSEC Students took over the National Mall on their Washington at Night Tour! Click any of the photos below to see more […]


Click anywhere to see student working on their stop motion films!


Student built houses to see if they could survive natural disasters. Click through to see there designs as well as there simulation!


Click anywhere to see more of students arguing their case in their supreme court simulation!