Category: Forensic Science

Drug Enforcement Agency

FSCI students took a field trip to the DEA, where they have an introduction to the different departments in the organization and how […]


FSCI students are finally starting their crime scene simulations! Today, students worked in groups to solve a series of mysterious crimes using only […]

Forensic Skills

FSCI students learn different forensic skills for their upcoming crime scene simulations to solve. In order to solve them, they must know how […]

Guest speaker: Diana Ahmed

FSCI students met Diana Ahmed, who is a Digital Forensics Expert with the Baltimore Police Department. She talked to the students about her […]


FSCI students started their day off with a leadership session. They were also able to virtually meet guest speaker Olivia Feild, a Graduate […]

FSCI Session 1 Recap Video

Students share their experience with the Forensic Science program here at American University!

Solving Crime Scenes

FSCI Students worked together in groups to solve simulated crime scenes all over campus. They examined evidence found on site and notated what […]

Pig Autopsy

Forensic Science students practiced autopsy’s on pigs. Students worked together to perform the proper incisions. Using the forensic skills they learned earlier in […]

Examining Fingerprints

Forensic Science students examined a strand of their hair and their fingerprints under a microscope. Through small groups, they learned about identifying different […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Anthony Falsetti

Forensic Science students enjoyed a presentation from Dr. Anthony Falsetti, a Forensic Anthropologist and Identification Unit supervisor for the Office of the Chief […]