Category: Forensic Science

VIDEO | Guest Speaker Dr. Kristinza Giese

FSCI students heard from Dr. Kristinza Giese, Deputy Medical Examiner at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in D.C.!


The FSCI students acted as expert witnesses in “trials” concerning their crime scene simulations!

Guest Speaker Dr. Jason Kolowski

The FSCI students heard from Dr. Jason Kolowski about different career paths in Forensic Science!

Challenge Course

This week, the FSCI students went to a challenge course to build their leadership and teamwork skills!

Guest Speaker Dr. Kristinza Giese

Today, the FSCI students heard from Dr. Kristinza Giese about life as a Medical Examiner!

Crime Scene Simulation

The FSCI students split into groups to analyze and investigate various “crime scenes” set up around campus!

Forensic Skills

This morning, the FSCI students got to work on different Forensic Skills to prepare for their upcoming Crime Scene Simulation!

Commitment in Action

The FSCI students made a commitment to being better leaders!

Registration Day!

We are so glad to have the FSCI students from Session 2 here!

Departure Day

Here’s a look back at FSCI’s week! We loved having you here!