Category: Forensic Science


In the Forensic Science program at NSLC, students are privileged to have guest speakers who are experienced FBI profilers. These experts share their […]

FSKILL 3 & 4

In the Forensic Science program at NSLC, students advance their knowledge in key areas such as anatomy and physiology (A+P), fingerprints, blood analysis, […]


Students in the NSLC Forensic program immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning environment that covers many facets of the discipline. They gain a […]

FSCI Final Presentation

The Forensic Science students presented their final cases. In several groups of four to five they were assigned cases to solve and show […]

Forensic Science Investigation

The students in the Forensic Science program take on the roles of investigators. They were prepped with tools necessary to figure out who […]

FSCI Pig Autopsy

Students from Forensic Science did a pig autopsy today. They examined the external and internal structures, identified organs, and systems with precision. Through […]

Forensic Science Fingerprinting & Drug Examination Lesson

Forensic Science students transported and examined their fingerprints on different surfaces and learned what it’s like to stop drug crimes. In the fingerprinting […]

FSCI Skills

Today, the students in Forensic Science were introduced to learning how to take photos for crime scenes, identifying drugs, bone identification, blood platter, […]

Court is in Session!

In this exercise, the forensic science students recreated a courtroom to engage in a mock trial and reach a verdict. They divided into […]

Investigations to be resolved!

The FSCI worked on investigations by solving several crimes. Their assignment was to find out who’s the suspect in each of their groups. […]