Year: 2021

Newsroom Simulation

COMM students participated in a newsroom simulation tonight.  This simulation combined all of the public relations skills students had been building over the […]

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students participated in a series of surgical rounds, suturing pigs’ feet, dissecting sheep hearts and cow eyes, conducting a venipuncture procedure, and […]

EMT Workshop

HEAL students to the rescue at today’s EMT response simulation! A terrible natural disaster has left the TA’s injured and in need of […]

Pitch Presentation

Throughout the week, ENGN students teamed up to brainstorm and create different engineering inventions that would support certain issues. Today, they were able […]

Wind Turbine!

ENGN students worked in teams to create their own wind turbine! Using new skills learned in previous lectures and activities, students built their […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album. Today, AERO students finally participated in their long awaited design competition. After working […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album. Today, MINT students have officially completed the Medicine Intensive program, received their white […]

Mental Health Campaign Pitches

Click on one of the photos to view the full album. Today, the Psychology & Neuroscience students gave their final presentations. Working in […]

CSI: Blood Splats

The aerodynamics and physics of blood reveal a lot about a crime scene. The blood can tell an investigator things like the weapon […]

Clinical Rotations

In clinical rotations, students were able to explore three different areas of nursing.  Nursing students learned how to stop the bleed, ambulance stations, […]