Year: 2021


  Prepare your engines! AERO students were put to the challenge at today’s wind turbine competition. While working under a budget, students had […]

Challenge Course

Collaboration is not always good. There are cons, groupthink, and also benefits, expedition. In a challenging course, students saw in person the pros […]

Georgetown School of Nursing

Earlier, nursing students learned the tenants of work as a nurse from actual nurses. The focus of the afternoon was for students to […]


HEAL students are experiencing a “day in the life” working in the Medicine & Healthcare field. Today, students participated in a variety of […]

Challenge Course!

Time to conquer some fears! COMM students had the opportunity to encourage one another at the challenge course today, enhancing their leadership and […]


  Red alert! At the EMT response simulation, MINT team advisors were injured from a random earthquake, it’s up to MINT students to […]

Civil Engineering Challenge

Tumbling towers. An image no one wants to see. That’s why engineering intensive students learned the basics of civil engineering. Students built popsicle […]

Discovering the World of Communication

Students were able to learn about news writing, investigative reporting, and the entertainment industry. A look into these fields gave students a better […]

Lab Dissections – Video

Click on one of the photos to view the full album. The Psychology & Neuroscience students received a very hands on experience – […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album. MINT students are completing skin biopsies on pigs feet to learn more about […]