Year: 2021


  FSCI students are performing an autopsy on fetal pigs today! Students were expected to dissect a fetal pig in groups of five […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album.  MINT students participated in various surgical rounds consisting of dissecting a cow eye, […]

Trebuchet & Catapult Testing

On the quad, banshee-like screams competed against one another to reach the highest decibels. Engineering intensive students had the times of their life […]

Trebuchet & Catapult Building

Le trebuchet. Once a player in the theater of war, today the beast of burden served to facilitate communication, teamwork, and fun. Sextets […]

State Department

Political action & public policy students coordinated a zoom meeting with The United States Department of State. Since the student groups could not […]

Guest Speaker: Lockheed Martin

Today, AERO students were able to hear from an aerospace engineer from Lockheed Martin, which is a global aerospace defence and security company. […]

Commitment in Action

Today, PSYC students attended a leadership session where they demonstrated just how committed they are to their goals. By participating in ‘Commitment in […]

Clinical Diagnostics

Today, PSYC students participated in a diagnostics simulation where they were able to experience what it would be like to talk to patients […]

Surgical Rounds

NURS students participated in a series of surgical rounds, suturing pigs’ feet, dissecting sheep hearts and cow eyes, conducting a venipuncture procedure, and […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album.  To grow closer as a team and grow comfortable leaving their comfort zone, […]