Category: Game Design

Game Showcase

Ready player one? Game Design students finished their games! Watch a little bit of the gameplay below!

Breaking into the Industry!

GAME students had a leadership focused session led by their TAs about navigating yourself to be successful in the game industry, which included […]

Commitment in Action

Game design students walked their unique walks during Commitment in Action today!

Leadership Session

Game design students built community during a leadership session today!

Rapid Prototyping

Watch as Game Design students redesign a board game during rapid prototyping!

Concept Design

Students in Game Design began conceptualizing characters and environments during a concept design session!

Registration Day!

NSLC at American University welcomed the third session of the program along with new programs to add to the site! We look forward […]

VIDEO: Playtest Session

After three days of working on their games, students in the Game Design program finally got to playtest and show off what they […]

Commitment in Action

Watch as students in Game Design experience Commitment in Action!

Game Design Class

Students in Game Design spent time further developing their game concepts in groups!