If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Does the same rule apply to a tower of sandbags and assorted items found in a classroom? Today’s activity was to build a support system using sheet paper- a support system of only sheet paper, nothing else. Creativity was essential since engineering intensive students only had three sheets of paper to support over ten pounds of weight.

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EINT2021_AU_S2_Engineering_Challenge - [Citarella] 01_9 (2)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Engineering_Challenge - [Citarella] 01_7 (5)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Engineering_Challenge - [Citarella] 01_8 (5)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Engineering_Challenge - [Citarella] 01_6 (4)

EINT2021_AU_S2_Engineering_Challenge - [Citarella] 01_5 (5)





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