Category: Engineering Intensive

Aerospace Challenge

This evening engineering intensive students competed against one another in an aerospace challenge.  Since the root of the challenge was aerospace, staff from […]

Trebuchet & Catapult Testing

On the quad, banshee-like screams competed against one another to reach the highest decibels. Engineering intensive students had the times of their life […]

Mechanical Rotations

Earlier, engineering students fleshed out ideas for dollies and chain-reaction mechanisms. The exercise was a practice in communication as much as in practicality. […]

Engineering Challenge

Earlier today, engineering intensive students learned how to use electrical currents in order to create propulsion. The schema for the activity revolved around […]

Electrical Engineering

Criss, cross, over, under, sideways, up, down. At a glance, wiring seems straightforward. A connection made at point A is connected to point […]

Computer Engineering Skills

Engineering intensive students booted up their mainframes for today’s activity, computer engineering. Today’s goal was for students to learn basic coding. However difficult […]

Welcome Ceremony

Day one of eighteen.  In anticipation of projects and activities, students in the engineering intensive program got to know one another tonight. See […]