Engineering intensive students booted up their mainframes for today’s activity, computer engineering. Today’s goal was for students to learn basic coding. However difficult it may sound, students learned in one afternoon to program a lightbulb to send morse code messages.


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ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Comp_Skills - [Citarella] 01_1 (4)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Comp_Skills - [Citarella] 01_3 (2)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Comp_Skills - [Citarella] 01_5 (1)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Comp_Skills - [Citarella] 01_5

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Comp_Skills - [Citarella] 01_6 (2)


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