Criss, cross, over, under, sideways, up, down. At a glance, wiring seems straightforward. A connection made at point A is connected to point B in order to create an electrical current. However, there’s more to electrical engineering. Knowledge of proper electrical engineering is important because the skill is more convoluted than point A to point B. The hiccups begin with a breadboard- with this tool students must learn to manipulate an electrical current. Since the goal is for students to light multiple lights with one source of energy, they must successfully ease the current from point to point while maintaining its strength.  


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ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Electrical_Engineering- [Citarella] 02_4

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Electrical_Engineering- [Citarella] 02_4 (6)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Electrical_Engineering- [Citarella] 02_2 (4)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Electrical_Engineering- [Citarella] 02_0 (1)

ENGNINT2021_AU_S1_Electrical_Engineering- [Citarella] 02_7 (6)


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