Year: 2015

Neuroscience Lab | Neuroimaging

PSYC students got to see their own brain waves during their neuroscience lab today!

Forensic Skills | Forensic Biology

FSCI students learn about Forensic Biology.

VIDEO | Forensic Skills

Watch as FSCI students talk about some of their favorite forensic skills workshops.

Guest Speaker Dr. Francis Collins

HEAL and PSYC students listen to Dr. Francis Collins, MD, PhD Director National Institutes of Health.

Guest Speaker | Ambassador Awang Adek Hussin

INTL students had the pleasure of hearing from Ambassador Awang Adek Hussin from the Embassy of Malaysia.

Forensic Skills | Ballistics & Trajectories

FSCI students learned how to determine the origin of a shooter during their Ballistics and Trajectories workshop.

Psychology Workshops

PSYC students learned about Learning & Memory and Child Development during their Psychology workshops today.

World Simulation

INTL students work on country development during world simulation.

Forensic Skills | Forensic Psychology

FSCI students learned the difference between a psychopath and a psychotic during their Forensic Psychology workshop.


PSYC students did their RoboRoach project tonight.