Year: 2015

SiTel Medical Training Facility

NSLCHEAL students visit SiTel Medical Training Facility.

Project Work Time

The NSLCENGN students work on their Sea Perch projects.     

Guest Speaker | Mr. David Boaz

POLI students had the pleasure of hearing from Mr. David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute.


The NSLCBIOT students listen to Karen Nelson, President of J. Craig Venter Institute.

Cross Cultural Simulation

INTL students learned what it is like to communicate with new cultures tonight during their Cross Cultural Simulation.


PSYC students got up close and personal with some cockroaches during their RoboRoach project!

Washington at Night!

The NSLCBIOT students explore Washington at Night.    

Biotech Lab

The NSLCBIOT students get some time in the lab.     

Washington at Night

The NSLCHEAL students tour Washington D.C. at night!

Mock Trial

The NSLCLAWA students have their day in court!