Guest Speaker: Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstien has over 35 years of experience in the computer industry, including 25+ years in information security.  He is the lead Program […]

IoT Meeting

Click ONE of the photos to see the full album Watch out! CYBR students are learning how to hack into everyday electronic objects, […]


Click one photo to see the full album. Today, PSYC students conducted a study on the effects of various chemicals such as nicotine […]

Gel Electrophoresis

Click ONE of the photos to see the full album. Today, BIOT students participated in a gel electrophoresis experiment, using their own DNA, […]

Guest Speaker – Fernando Pizarro

Today COMM students heard from Fernando Pizarro, an experienced journalist who currently works at NPR as Supervising Editor for the Morning Edition.


Today, FINT students attended a leadership session where they demonstrated just how committed they are to their goals. By participating in ‘Commitment in […]


Today, FSCI students put their forensic knowledge to the test! Using what they learned in guided lectures and hands-on activities, students were put […]


Tonight HEAL students participated in clinical diagnostics simulations.  The purpose of this simulation was to put students in a real world situation.  The […]

Aircraft Carrier Launch

AERO students crafted their very own planes today for an epic launching competition. Only having wood, PVC pipe, and tape, they had to […]

U.S. Attorney Panel

LAWA students met with a panel of guest speakers from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Assistant U.S. Attorney Troy Edwards, Deputy Chief Kenechukwu Okocha […]