Guest Speaker: Amelia Faelyn

Today, FSCI students heard from Amelia Faelyn, a Crime Scene Technician for the Baltimore Police Department. She explained the ins and outs of […]


Today, PSYC students had Psychology labs, focusing on addiction, and abnormal, forensic, social, and cognitive psychology. Through hands-on activities and small lab assignments, […]

Clinical Rounds

Today, the Medicine & Health Care students explored four new realms of medicine: medication administration,  diagnostic imaging, venipuncture, and the brain! In the […]

Field Trips: Artechouse & MICA

The Architecture program has been exploring some of the most interesting Architecture related sites in the D.C. area! First, the visited the Artechouse […]


FSCI students are finally starting their crime scene simulations! Today, students worked in groups to solve a series of mysterious crimes using only […]


Check out this Medicine Intensive Recap video, highlighting all of the amazing things students have learned again through their 18-day program!

Field Trip: George Washington School of Physical Therapy

MINT students had a field trip at the George Washington School of Physical Therapy where they learned about this particular field from current […]

Learning and Practicing Medical Skills

The Medicine & Health Care program explored more facets of the medical field through their medical skills workshops! The students learned about laparoscopy, […]

Visit to the International Spy Museum

Today, the Intelligence & National Security program visited the International Spy Museum! They learned about different intelligence strategies, missions, and tactics, as well […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Saul Levin

PSYC students heard from Dr. Saul Levin, Chief Executive Officer, and Medical Director, at American Psychiatric Association (APA). Dr. Levin explained the goals […]