Click one of the photos to see the full album. PSYC students accomplished so much this week, from trying out the challenge course […]


  The pressure is on! NURS students stepped into an exciting EMT simulation, treating their TA’s for wounds, conducting CPR in groups, and […]

White Coat Ceremony

To close off the 18-day MINT program, students were surprised with a white coat ceremony! They all received lab coats with their names […]


Click one of the photos to see the full album. Today, NSEC students finally arrived to campus, they moved in, registered and met […]

Full Senate Hearing

As the POLI program comes to an end, students participated in a full senate hearing where they were able to debate the bills […]


Through the 9-day program, FSCI students focused on fingerprinting, blood splat, and ballistics, psychology, anthropology, and entomology through multiple skill labs These newly […]

Design Competition

Aerospace students lived in the moment during today’s design competition. As Goethe writes in Faust, “Presence is our duty, be it only a […]

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Blockchain. You probably know it has to do with cryptocurrency but that’s the extent of your knowledge.  Well, if that’s you then you’re […]

Scholastic Bowl

This morning, medicine and healthcare students tested their medical wit in a scholastic bowl.  The purpose of the activity was for students to […]

Washington at Night

Washington at night. A historic city with a nighttime view unlike any other. Architecture students had the dyadic experience of exploring the photogenenic […]