Guest Speaker

Dr. Jason Kolowski was a guest speaker for Forensic Science today. See what he discussed with the students!

Commitment in Action!

NSEC students reflect on their experience in their most recent session with A’ric!

Rapid Prototyping

Watch as Game Design students redesign a board game during rapid prototyping!

Forensic Skills

Forensic Science students learned about identifying fingerprints and ballistics and blood splatter during forensic skills #1!

National Institute of Health!

PSYC students went to the National Institute of Health with some awesome guest speakers and learned about what the institute does, and some […]

Challenge Course!

Team bonding, facing fears, and climbing to the stars were the leadership challenges of the day for HEAL students!

Challenge Course

Engineering students had a blast at the challenge course today!

Challenge Course

Students in Political Action & Public Policy participated in group and leadership activities at the Challenge Course today!

Concept Design

Students in Game Design began conceptualizing characters and environments during a concept design session!

Washington at Night!

NSEC students had an awesome time exploring the monuments and memorials at night, an NSLC tradition!