After days of preparation in Senate and Campaign simulations, POLI students had a mock debate today with nominees for President and Vice President […]

Newsroom Simulation!

During an action-packed evening, COMMS students put their Journalism and Communication skills to the test as they reported the latest news! The simulation […]

Guest Speaker: Sandra Joyce

CYBR student heard from Sandra Joyce, Executive Vice President and Head of Mandiant Intelligence at Mandiant. She talked through her current position and […]

Biotechnology Lab

Today BIOT students were able to do some more pipetting exercises and continue their lab dish experiment which they will be able to […]

Guest Speaker: David Boaz

POLI students heard from Mr. David Boaz, a Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute. Mt. Boaz explained his take on libertarianism and what […]


FSCI students are finally starting their crime scene simulations! Today, students worked in groups to solve a series of mysterious crimes using only […]

Medicine Intensive Recap!

From EMT training to patient diagnostics, MINT students gained practical skills in the field of medicine through their 18-day program! They heard from […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sean Conley, DO

Dr. Sean Conley met MINT students yesterday and talked to them about his experience as a Military Physician leading up to his position […]

Guest Speaker: Bear Atwood

POLI students met guest speaker Bear Atwood, who is the Vice President of the National Organization for Women. She talked about what her […]


COMM students traveled through the history of film at the American Film Institute (AFI). ┬áThe goal of this activity was to expose students […]