Commitment in Action!

PSYC students had a leadership session led by A’ric where they further their leadership training in discovering what commitment means to them.

Team Build

Watch as Engineering students build a device to help a child with a disability!

Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students learned through four workshops different types of surgical practices, with a workshop led by Dr. M!

Lecture Series

POLI students had an introduction to Congress with Professor Scott Weiner today!

Leadership Session

Game design students built community during a leadership session today!

Crime Scenes

Forensic science students collected evidence at crime scenes today!

Session 3 Wrap-Up!

NSEC students had an awesome past six days, with some great guest speakers, tension-filled simulations, and great field trips!

Challenge Course!

PSYC students learned about team building and faced some great heights!

Clinical Rounds!

HEAL students rotated between four hands-on activities learning different medical skills and potential career paths, including vital signs, EMT training, invisible germs, and […]

Department of State

Students in Political Action & Public Policy visited the Department of State today!