Fetal Pig Autopsy

Today, FSCI students had the opportunity to perform an autopsy on a fetal pig. They created incisions, measured organs, and were even able […]

Project Development

In anticipation of tomorrow’s design competition, aerospace students raced to put the finishing touches on their final projects. The highlight of the night […]

Washington at Night

Tonight, cybersecurity students packed away their laptops for a nighttime adventure. Instead of cracking codes, the students toured golden hour at the Thomas […]


Click ONE of the photos to see the full album. PSYC students are exploring all the different specialities of psychology (Forensic, Social, Cognitive, […]

EMT Training

Today, MINT students were able to get an intro into being an EMT by participating in a simulation. Students had to use specific […]


  NURS students participated in their last round of clinical rotations where they are learning basic medical procedures and understanding more about the […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul M. Lisnek

Students were able to hear from Dr. Lisnek, one of the founders of NSLC and a Political Analyst for WGTV. As they asked […]

Arlington Cemetery

Today, POLI students went on an exciting field trip to the Arlington Cemetery! They were able to explore the whole site as well […]

Shake It Up

Shake it up. The point of this activity, besides the points of soaring towers constructed by students, was for those towers to withstand […]

Public Health Activity

Today, medicine and healthcare students practiced their public health presentations. The goal of their presentations was to create an interactive campaign for a […]