Commitment in Action

Political Action & Public Policy showcased commitment in action by walking unique walks today!

F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine Uniformed Services!

HEAL students had a field trip down to Uniformed Services! Thank you for hosting us!

Campaign Simulations

The Presidential Campaign Simulation for Political Action & Public Policy is underway!

Neuroscience Lab!

PSYC students have multiple lab throughout the week doing hands-on learning about Neuroscience. This day was Cow Eye dissections!

Conflict Resolution

Students in the Forensic Science program resolved conflicts and worked together the make a human machine during a leadership session today!

Commitment in Action

Engineering students had a blast doing Commitment in Action today!

Personality Matrix!

HEAL students had a leadership session with A’ric and discovered what type of leader they are.

Psychology Workshops!

PSYC students go through rotations through a series of workshops around different topics in Psychology.

Blood Spatter Analysis

Students in Forensic Science created their own blood spatters during Forensic SKills #1 today!

Personality Matrix

Students in Political Action & Public Policy tapped into different aspects of their personalities during a leadership session today!