Campaign Simulations

Who will win the election? Political Action & Public Policy students are working hard campaigning for their candidates!

Guest Speaker

Forensic Science students heard from Ms. Caitlin Udas, a medical examiner and an alumni of NSLC herself!

Personality Matrix!

NSEC students had a leadership session with A’ric about finding what type of leader they are!

Commitment in Action!

HEAL students had another leadership session with A’ric about committing by dancing down the line while your peers cheer you on.

VIDEO | Guest Speaker!

PSYC students had a wonderful guest speaker, Dr. Herbert Geller from the National Institutes of Health come and talk with the students about […]

Commitment in Action!

PSYC students had another leadership session with A’ric, learning about commitment and the actions to take to achieve that!

Registration Day!

NSEC had their fifth and final registration of the summer. Looking forward to an awesome six days!

Conflict Resolution

Engineering students learned about conflict resolution during a leadership session today!

Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students had their surgical rounds today taught by their TAs and Dr. M!

Commitment in Action

Forensic Science students moved and grooved during Commitment in Action!