Trivia Night

Engineering students ended a long day with Trivia Night, answering questions about various topics relating to engineering!

Guest Speaker

Forensic Science heard from guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Smith today!

Presidential Debate

Meet the candidates for president for Political Action & Public Policy’s campaign simulation! Polls open tomorrow!

Introduction to Political Participation

Students in Political Action & Public Policy had a lecture series on political participation today!

Forensic Skills

Watch Forensic Science students explore different investigative techniques during Forensic Skills!

National Security Council!

NSEC students are given a national security crises, and with their roles are tasked with solving it without going to war.


PSYC students perform neurosurgery on a cockroach to be controlled with an app at closing ceremony!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students had four rooms with various surgical techniques! Check out their thoughts on the hands-on activity!  

Trebuchet Project & Competition

Engineering students created trebuchets and launched tennis balls this morning!

Team Build

Engineering students designed a practical device to help a child with a disability today!