Challenge Course

Engineering students had a blast at the challenge course today!

Challenge Course

Students in Political Action & Public Policy participated in group and leadership activities at the Challenge Course today!

Concept Design

Students in Game Design began conceptualizing characters and environments during a concept design session!

Washington at Night!

NSEC students had an awesome time exploring the monuments and memorials at night, an NSLC tradition!

Stop Motion Simulation!

STEM students had two hours to make a thirty second stop motion animation on a STEM related topic! Here are their thoughts on […]

Judiciary Simulation

JNSLC History and Government students had a chance to take part in a Supreme Court Simulation. Here are their thoughts on the simulation! […]

National Security Council

Intelligence & National Security students tackled international relations during National Security Council this morning!

Registration Day!

NSLC at American University welcomed the third session of the program along with new programs to add to the site! We look forward […]

Washington Monuments!

JNSLC students took a field trip to the monuments and memorials in the morning to admire and explore, and learn a little about […]

Congress Simulation!

GOVT students had to propose bills to other members in all the districts, in hopes of eventually getting their bill passed.