National Security Council

NSEC students participated in their penultimate National Security Council meeting!

Commitment in Action

The COMM students committed to being better leaders at this leadership session!

Guest Speaker Dr. Kristinza Giese

Today, the FSCI students heard from Dr. Kristinza Giese about life as a Medical Examiner!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

POLI students heard from Republican Senator from Wisconsin, Mr. Ron Johnson, during their visit to Capitol Hill today!

Saudi Arabian Embassy

INTL students had the opportunity to step foot on Saudi Arabian soil today during their visit to their Embassy!

Dr. Herbert Geller

PSYC students had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Herbert Geller, Senior Investigator at the National Institutes of Health!

Commitment in Action

HEAL students made a commitment to bettering themselves as leaders during today’s leadership workshop!

Challenge Course

This morning, the BIOT students completed a challenge course composed of both low and high elements as a leadership and team-building exercise!

Department of State

POLI students learned about the State Department’s dealings with foreign policy today!

Surgical Rounds

Pigs feet, cow eyes, and sheep hearts; oh my! HEAL students worked on a variety of medical skills during tonight’s surgical rounds.