Active Investigation!

FSCI students gathered what evidence they had and tried to crack the cases for the live crime scenes they had earlier this week!

Commitment in Action

Game design students walked their unique walks during Commitment in Action today!

Campaign Simulation

Hot off the press! POLI students are campaigning for candidates through campaign simulation, which includes press meetings and garnering sponsors.

Trebuchet Project & Competition

Watch out! Engineering students designed trebuchets and launched tennis balls on the Quad this morning.

Commitment in Action!

PSYC students had a leadership session led by A’ric where they further their leadership training in discovering what commitment means to them.

Team Build

Watch as Engineering students build a device to help a child with a disability!

Surgical Rounds!

HEAL students learned through four workshops different types of surgical practices, with a workshop led by Dr. M!

Lecture Series

POLI students had an introduction to Congress with Professor Scott Weiner today!

Leadership Session

Game design students built community during a leadership session today!

Crime Scenes

Forensic science students collected evidence at crime scenes today!