VIDEO | Session 3 Recap

Watch as ENGN students remember Session 3!

Departure Day

Take a look back at FSCI Session 3 highlights!

VIDEO | Guest Speakers Stephanie Handel and Daniel Morgan

FSCI students heard from Stephanie Handel (RECOVER Program Director) and Daniel Morgan (Supervisory Medicolegal Investigator) about their careers!

VIDEO | Session 3

Watch as session 3 HEAL students look back on their time here at NSLC!

Escape Room Live

GAME students learned about designing all kinds of puzzles, including escape rooms, during today’s visit to Escape Room Live!

VIDEO | Myoelectric Arm

Watch as BIOT students describe the myoelectric arm activity!

Dulles Airport Tour

This week, ENGN students had to opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of Dulles Airport!


Today, the FSCI students participated in court proceedings, testifying in “court” about their crime scene simulation cases!

American Psychological Association

PSYC students had the distinct pleasure of visiting the APA today, where they heard from many influential people in the fields of psychology […]

VIDEO | National Security Council Simulation

Watch NSEC students discuss their experience participating in National Security Council meetings!