Category: Film, Journalism & Media Arts

48 Second Film Festival!

COMM students had two hours to write, direct, and edit a complete 48 second film with a random genre!

Discover the World of Communications!

COMM students take classes taught by professionals including topics like Scriptwriting and Video Production, Animation, Professional Newswriting, Broadcast Journalism, and Digital Photography!

Personality Matrix!

COMM students had a leadership session with Mr. Pruitt and explored their leadership styles!

Communications Workshops!

Entertaining, occasionally humorous, but above all informative, COMM students go through workshops taught by the TAs on topics from Social Media, Visual Storytelling, […]

Challenge Course!

COMM students faced fears and learned about team work at the challenge course. They reflect on their experiences here!

VIDEO | Newsroom Simulation

COMM students had four hours to create a news package, articles, and live twitter with an constantly changing breaking news scenario. The students […]

Newsroom Simulation

COMM students had to report on breaking news with live social media updates, articles, and a full news package in the Newsroom Simulation.

Discover the World of Communications

COMM students write, produce, and edit full projects in only a week in their Discover the World of Communications courses!

Washington at Night

COMM students explored historic monuments and memorials throughout the evening.

AFI Silver Screen Theatre and Cultural Center

The COMM students screened and discussed a documentary as well as learned the history of the Silver Screen through the educational program of […]