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48 Second Film Festival

NSLC COMM students break up into teams to create their very own 48 second film in the time span of two hours. Click […]

Video | Newsroom Simulation

NSLC COMM students were put into a scenario where they were the reporters in a work environment.

National Public Radio

NSLC COMM students visited the NPR station to learn more about the organization. Click on any photos below to view more.

Discover the World of Communication

NSLC COMM students work with each other in teams on their own videos. Click on any of the photos below to view more.

Minute to Win It

NSLCCOMM students participated in a “Minute to Win It” game, where they had to blow feathers into the center and tag their team […]

Commitment in Action

Leadership Facilitator Dennard Mitchell met with NSLC COMM students to put their commitment in action – encouraging them to step outside their comfort […]

Challenge Course

NSLC COMM students visited UMD to try out their challenge course. Students tried a bunch of different activities, and in turn got to […]


Yesterday, students completed their orientation across all programs. Click on any photo to see a little more of how it went!

VIDEO | Discover the World of Communications!

COMM students reflect on their experiences in the DWC class they took, and the overall session.

Newsroom Simulation

COMM students had to respond to a breaking news scenario and write articles, live tweet, and ultimately create a news package in this […]