Category: Film, Journalism & Media Arts


The NSLCCOMM students visit the Newseum.  

48 Second Film Festival

The NSLCCOMM students participated in a 48second Film Festival.

Broadcast Class

The NSLCCOMM students filming their newscast in their broadcast journalism class.

National Public Radio

The NSLCCOMM students visit NPR.  

Newsroom Simulation

The #NSLCCOMM students experience what it is like to be in a newsroom when there is BREAKING NEWS!  

Nationals Baseball Game!

The NSLCCOMM students watch a Nationals Baseball Game.

Commitment in Action

The NSLCCOMM students learn that leader has to commit.    

Comcast Sports Center

The NSLCCOMM Sports Journalism class visit Comcast sports.

Ice Cream Social

After a busy day the #NSLCCOMM students have earned an ice cream social    

Visit to NPR

The Journalism, Film and Media Arts students visit the National Public Radio.