Category: Architecture

Washington at Night

Washington at night. A historic city with a nighttime view unlike any other. Architecture students had the dyadic experience of exploring the photogenenic […]

Shake It Up

Shake it up. The point of this activity, besides the points of soaring towers constructed by students, was for those towers to withstand […]

Design Studio

Architecture students organized their thoughts in anticipation of their final pavilion projects. This activity is a group-oriented approach to building a pavilion. In […]

Washington Scavenger Hunt

Architecture students completed their Washington sight seeing this morning.  However, there was a twist during today’s tour.  The students were challenged to spot […]

DC Design Tour

Architecture students rose bright and early then ventured into Washington.  They animated their adventure with DC Design Tours by integrating their passion for […]

Communication Towers

The acquiescing of today’s activity began with the instructions, “you can communicate, but you can’t talk.”  The curious thing about communication, though, is […]

Skills Rotation

Architecture students ended a long day of fun with a test of skill. Students come into the program with varying levels of skill. […]

Welcome Ceremony

ARCH acquainted themselves with one another at tonight’s welcoming ceremony. Students built their confidence and tested their sketching abilities in timed sessions. Since […]


As the program wraps up, ARCH students were able to present the pavilion project they have been working on for the past 9-days. […]


Coming down to the final days of the program, ARCH students had the chance to create a Pavillion for their main program project. […]