Category: Forensic Science

Crime Scenes

FSCI students on the scene of the crime!

Crime Scene Academy

FSCI students learn how to properly investigate a crime scene during Crime Scene Academy.

Blood Stain Analysis

FSCI students learned how to analyze blood stains today during Forensic Skills Workshops.

Final Presentations | Police Briefing

FSCI students gave their final presentations regarding the crime scenes they investigated earlier this week.

DNA Extraction

FSCI students learned about DNA extraction today during their forensic skills workshops.

Questioned Documents

FSCI students learned about questioned documents during a Forensic Skills Workshop.

Crime Scene Simulation

There were a lot of (pretend) murders on campus today. Good thing FSCI students are around to solve the crimes!

Guest Speaker | Secretary Jeh Johnson

FSCI students had the pleasure of hearing from Secretary Jeh Johnson of the Department of Homeland Security yesterday.

VIDEO | Crime Scenes

Watch as FSCI students talk about their experiences with the Crime Scene simulation!

Crime Scene Academy

FSCI students learned how to properly survey a crime scene today during Crime Scene Academy!