Category: Forensic Science

Forensic Skills | Forensic Psychology

FSCI students learned the difference between a psychopath and a psychotic during their Forensic Psychology workshop.

Crime Scene Simulation

FSCI students were hard at work investigating crime scenes today!

Forensic Skills | Fingerprinting

FSCI students learned all about fingerprints.

Forensic Skills | Blood Stain Analysis

FSCI students learned how to analyze blood spatter today during their forensic skills workshop.

Registration Day

The last group of FSCI students arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

Final Presentations

FSCI students gave their final presentations regarding their crime scene investigations!

Reenactment Activity

FSCI students reenact some of their favorite moments while here at NSLC!

Ballistics Presentation

FSCI students learned how to determine the location of a shooter during a ballistics presentation!

Guest Speaker | Special Agent in Charge Darrell Gilliard

FSCI students had the pleasure of hearing from Special Agent in Charge Darrell Gilliard of The Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

VIDEO | Session 2

Watch as students from FSCI session 2 reflect on their time here at NSLC!