Year: 2018

Stop Motion Animation

JNSLC STEM students experimented with stop motion animation today!

More Game Design Class!

Learning lots about game development during rotations with Group B!

VIDEO: Crime Scenes

Watch as Forensic Science students gather evidence at crime scenes!

Heart Disease 101

HEAL students had a fun, informative, and awesome session with their TAs in Heart Disease 101!

Monument Tour

JNSLC students toured the historical monuments of Washington, D.C.!

Personality Matrix!

COMM students had a leadership session with Mr. Pruitt and explored their leadership styles!

VIDEO: RoboRoach

Watch as Biotechnology students work with roaches to control its nervous system!

Session 2 Recap!

NSEC students had an amazing past six days. As the session came to a close, they reflected on their experience.

VIDEO | Simulations

Watch as JNSLC GOVT students talk about their experiences with the simulations they have been participating in throughout the past week!

Mousetrap Cars

JNSLC STEM students learned about energy and force by building and racing mousetrap cars!