Year: 2018

Washington at Night!

HEAL students explored the historical memorials and monuments this evening!

Commitment in Action

Biotechnology students showed their true selves in unique walks during Commitment in Action!

Supreme Court Simulation

JNSLC GOVT students went to “court” today during their supreme court simulation!


Watch as JNSLC students discuss their visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center!

Communications Workshops!

Entertaining, occasionally humorous, but above all informative, COMM students go through workshops taught by the TAs on topics from Social Media, Visual Storytelling, […]

Leadership Session | Public Speaking

JNSLC students learned the importance of attentive listening during their leadership session on public speaking this evening!

Forensic Skills

FSCI students attended their second session of Forensic Skills!

Game Design Class

GAME students developed the concept for a game, then learned Photoshop in their Game Design Class today!

National Security Council

NSEC students act as directors of departments on the National Security Council and tackle threats to our National Security in this collaborative and […]

VIDEO | Challenge Course

Watch as JNSLC students take on the challenge course!