Year: 2016

Erin Michaels

FSCI students had the pleasure of hearing from Erin Michaels from the Office of Forensic Support for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. She […]

Major General Mark Yenter

Engineering students had the opportunity¬†to listen to Major General Mark Yenter, Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations and the Army Corps […]

Embassy of Russia

INTL students got to see international diplomacy first hand as they were given the opportunity to tour the Embassy of Russia.

Conflict Resolution

Intelligence and National Security students underwent conflict resolution training today in an effort to help the group understand and work through issues that […]

Firaxis Field Trip

With their final game designs well under way, students got the chance tour Firaxis Games! There they learned from the experts behind the […]

Committment in Action

An integral part of every NSLC experience is developing one’s leadership skills. Throughout a student’s session, they take part in numerous leadership seminars […]

Commitment in Action

HEAL students made contract to be true to themselves and be the best leaders they can be tonight during commitment in action.

American Film Institute

Lights, camera, action! The #NSLCCOMM students took a field trip to the American Film Insitute where they learned about the power of documentary […]

Pitching Ideas

It’s almost game time! #NSLCGAME students presented their ideas for their original game design and delegated tasks to help accomplish their goals!  

Security Council

INTL students have been hard at work with their security councils. Divided into three groups, students tackle a different issue within each group […]