Year: 2016

Mr. Colman McCarthy

“If you want to make a difference, be different.” International Diplomacy had the chance to listen to ¬†Mr. Colman McCarthy, the director of […]

Neuroanatomy Lab

PSYC students examined brains and dissected cow eyes during today’s neuroscience lab.

Lockheed Martin

Engineering students had the chance to tour one of the nation’s premiere¬†global security and aerospace companies, Lockheed Martin. Engineering students Elise Flick and […]

Senate Committee

POLI students discussed and voted on bills during their senate committee meetings.

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students got to try their hand at diagnosing patients during their clinical diagnostics simulation!

Registration Day

MAST students arrived today. Welcome to NSLC!

Georgetown Visit

Game design students got out of the classroom for a fun filled day in Georgetown. Students got to explore the historic city and […]

Campaign Simulation

POLI students are in the midst of their campaign simulation, and are voting in the primary tonight!

Trebuchet Build and Competition

Engineering students spent the morning building trebuchets. Normally, trebuchets are built with a spring mechanisim inside to help propel an object forward. Instead, […]

National Museum of Health and Medicine

PSYC students visited the National Museum of Health and Medicine, where they learned about everything from how brains affected by different diseases look, […]