Category: Political Action & Public Policy

Senate Committee Meeting

POLI students debated, proposed amendments, and voted on bills during tonights Senate Meeting.

Presidential Debate

The Democratic and Republican nominees for President debated this evening!

Campaign Simulation

POLI students prepared for their National Conventions during tonight’s campaign simulation!

VIDEO | Colman McCarthy

Watch as POLI students talk about their experience hearing Colman McCarthy speak!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

POLI students heard from Republican Senator from Wisconsin, Mr. Ron Johnson, during their visit to Capitol Hill today!

Department of State

POLI students learned about the State Department’s dealings with foreign policy today!

Colman McCarthy

POLI students had the pleasure of hearing from Colman McCarthy, a journalist and peace advocate!

Challenge Course

POLI students worked on their communication and teamwork skills during today’s trip to the challenge course!

Registration Day

The final session of POLI students arrived at AU today. We’re so excited to have them here!

Session 1 Recap

As POLI students depart today, let’s look back on all the good times we shared this session!