In an awe-inspiring adventure, the talented students from the Digital Art and Design program embarked on a journey to Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Their anticipation peaked as they set foot on the campus, greeted by a world of boundless creativity and artistic energy. To their pleasant surprise, they were invited to a captivating lecture by none other than Jane Yoon, a renowned artist and esteemed admissions counselor at MICA. With passion and expertise, Yoon gave a great rundown of MICA which unraveled many artistic processes, sharing invaluable tips and personal anecdotes that ignited the students’ imagination. As they absorbed Yoon’s profound insights, the students were empowered to pursue their creative dreams and chart their own unique paths in the world of digital art and design. Filled with renewed inspiration, they left MICA with an abundance of information and determination to translate their visions into breathtaking works of art.


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Photos: Rebeca Victor for the NSLC


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